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Cool Off With These Recipes + Wine Pairings

Photo | Hard Row to Hoe

In the dog days of summer, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and uninspired to cook dinner. Whether you’re exhausted from playing on the lake all day or too hot to be bothered to use the oven, we’ve been there. But dinner doesn’t have to be dreaded. Find inspiration again with these easy summer recipes paired with some of our favorite Lake Chelan wines.

Sage Butter Chicken with Hard Row to Hoe 2019 Shameless Hussy Chardonnay

For a light summer dinner, pair Hard Row to Hoe’s delightfully crisp and dry Chardonnay with an indulgent sage and brown butter chicken dish. Chardonnay pairs excellently with buttery, nutty flavors and lighter meats like poultry. Brown butter and sage add a depth to the dish that easily complements the complexity of the apple and citrus flavors found in this 2019 vintage. Simply grill chicken while you slowly brown your butter on the stove with fresh sage. Once browned, add a squeeze of lemon and a touch of wine (if you can bear to part with it!) before coating your chicken in this delectable sauce. It’s quick, easy, and just right for a light summer dinner on the patio.

Grilled Salmon with Lake Chelan Winery 2020 Pinot Grigio

Fire up the grill, season your salmon your way (we love a little lemon, garlic, and butter), wrap it neatly in foil, and let cook for about 15 minutes. This gives you just enough time to open up a bottle of Lake Chelan Winery’s Pinot Grigio to enjoy! This zesty wine will refresh and satisfy you on even the hottest summer day. Serve up your salmon with a side of grilled asparagus or a creamy pasta and you’ll be in heaven on Earth.

Blue Cheese Burgers with Fielding Hills 2017 Malbec

Craving a bold red and a hearty meal to match? Grab a bottle or two of Fielding Hills’ 2017 Malbec for a rich, full-bodied wine experience. You’ll catch dark fruits like blackberry and red plum on the nose with hints of vanilla and tobacco. Malbec and melted cheeses go hand in hand but this varietal pairs especially well with blue cheese. Deck out your burger with your favorite fixings and add a generous helping of blue cheese to accentuate the bold flavors of this daring red wine. Pro tip: for the freshest burger, get your meat from the Meat Shop in downtown Chelan!

Summer Salad with Tsillan Cellars 2019 Dolce Donna

Hoping to avoid cooking altogether on these hot summer days? We don’t blame you one bit. Opt for a crisp and satisfying salad instead. Tsillan Cellars’ Dolce Donna is pale straw in color and boasts flavors of Anjou pears and kiwi. Its acidity expertly balances out its sweetness, making it a perfect match for fresh spring greens and roasted walnuts. Add in some gorgonzola cheese, dried fruits, and a light vinaigrette for an absolutely dreamy summer salad.

We hope we’ve inspired you to whip up an excellent, easy, and delicious meal. Our favorite thing about local wines? They all pair best with Lake Chelan sunsets and quality time with loved ones. We know, it’s cheesy. But we’ll cheers to that!


Posted July 28, 2021