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Plan the Best Social Distancing Party

Our once-bustling social life may look a little different these days. We all miss going out to our favorite local bistro or having family and friends over for a glass of wine and conversation. But being safe and following social distancing guidelines doesn’t mean the fun has to stop completely. With a little creativity and care, hosting a socially distant party is a piece of cake!

Host Outdoors

With warmer weather on its way and days that last just a little longer, we recommend moving your party outdoors so you can enjoy the springtime air while being as safe and responsible as possible. Enjoy a contained fire on the patio, set up a makeshift dining table and light some candles, and enjoy an outdoor dinner party with your nearest and dearest! An outdoor party also means you get to make the most of these delightful early spring evenings in the Lake Chelan Valley.

Keep it Small

If you’re like us, you’re missing everyone on your friends list. But keeping your guest list to 5-10 people will help make your social distancing soirée a success. It may not be the rip-roaring party you’re dreaming of, but we think a smaller, more intimate gathering has its own charm. Enjoy an evening of good conversation and laughter with your closest friends over drinks and great food as the spring sun sets in the background. Sounds absolutely perfect if you ask us!

Avoid Finger Foods

When planning your social distancing party, consider what kind of food you’ll offer. It’s best to avoid finger foods and buffet-style meals but you still have lots of options. Consider preparing individual plates ahead of time for your guests or serving foods that come in single-serving sizes – like paninis wrapped in parchment paper and twine or gourmet pretzels or popcorn tucked into small paper gift boxes.


Have your guests bring their own beverage and stick to bottles and cans for the evening. Your guests will appreciate being able to enjoy their preferred beverage throughout the evening. Let them know what food you’re serving beforehand, so they can bring their ideal pairing. This safer alternative to sharing drinks and pouring glass after glass of wine also means less dishes for you. A win-win!

Outdoor Movie

If you have an outdoor projector, why not host a socially distanced movie night? Hang a white sheet against the house and have everybody bring blankets, pillows, or their favorite lawn chair. Everyone will enjoy the chance to get out and enjoy a movie night while staying responsible and Covid safe!

Sanitization Station

Set up a table equipped with hand sanitizer for guests to use when they first arrive and as needed throughout the evening. Nothing wrong with an extra layer of protection to make your guests feel comfortable! If you’re requesting that everyone stays masked up during the party, provide a handful of extra masks for those who may have forgotten theirs. (We’ve all been there, right??)

It may not be ideal, but we think seeing our closest friends from a safe distance is better than not seeing them at all. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures, get creative, and host your own outdoor, social distancing party soon!


Posted March 8, 2021