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Relocating to Chelan; Here’s What to Expect

Considering a move to the Lake Chelan Valley?

There’s obviously lots you’ll want to consider before making a huge life change, and we’re here to help!

Low Inventory

The Lake Chelan Valley is a highly desired area. Especially with the onset of remote work happening everywhere, many people have moved to the area in recent years. With Chelan being a small North Cascades mountain town, there is not an abundance of homes available. So be prepared to possibly wait awhile to find a place and expect interest from other parties as well.

Competitive Prices

Because the inventory is low in the valley, it’s important to note that prices will be on the higher end. It’s a seller’s market and has been for some time. Though we are seeing the market finally level out, the market will more than likely not go back to what it was before. Expect to pay $500k or more for a moderate family home.

Small Town Charm

If you have the right budget and can wait until the perfect home pops up, relocating to the Lake Chelan is well worth it! There is nothing like our incredible mountain beauty, close-knit community, outdoor play all year long, and so much more! It’s a great place to raise a family away from the hustle and bustle of city life while getting rooted in a peaceful life.

Relocating to Chelan is well worth the price and wait in our opinion. Spending life near our shores is an experience worth giving yourself and your loved ones. Reach out today for any market-related questions you may have!


Posted September 27, 2022