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Lake Chelan Waterfront

A Guide to Lake Chelan Waterfront Views

Lake Chelan is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, crystal-clear waters, and stunning waterfront views. If you’re in search of a property with a captivating vista, Harris + Gasper in Lake Chelan is your ultimate guide to finding the per...

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Lake Chelan Valley

A Scenic Journey through the Lake Chelan Valley

Welcome to the breathtaking wonderland of Lake Chelan, nestled in the picturesque Chelan Valley of Washington. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, stunning mountain backdrop, and myriad of recreational opportunities, Lake Chelan is a tru...

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Lake Chelan Communities

Lake Chelan Communities: A-Z Guide

Welcome to the picturesque neighborhoods of Lake Chelan, where beauty and relaxation meet! If you’re looking for a serene retreat that offers breathtaking lake views and a laid-back lifestyle, this is the perfect place for you. At Harris ...

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Lake Chelan Communities: A to Z Guide

At Harris + Gasper, we know that owning real estate is a significant investment and can be a life-changing decision. Choosing the right location to buy is as important as investing in the right property! Over the next few months, we plan to...

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We love Chelan. A lot.

For the next few months, we plan on taking you through an A-Z guide of all of Lake Chelan and the surrounding valley + communities we operate in. Lake Chelan is an exciting and growing community with a vast range of real estate; from resort...

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Lake Chelan: Washington’s Playground…for Kids!

Keep the kids entertained in Chelan's winter wonderland It’s no mystery that the Lake Chelan Valley is a wonderland for adults with its endless choices for wine tasting. But did you know there are a wealth of options for kiddos as well? He...

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Relocating to Chelan; Here’s What to Expect

Considering a move to the Lake Chelan Valley? There’s obviously lots you’ll want to consider before making a huge life change, and we’re here to help! Low Inventory The Lake Chelan Valley is a highly desired area. Especially with the...

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