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Why it’s important to work with a Real Estate Professional

Real Estate Professional

Real Estate Professionals Make the Difference

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, you might find yourself questioning whether or not you need to work with a real estate professional. The temptation to avoid paying more than you have to is real, and understandable. But real estate deals are complex and involve many moving parts. All the more reason to navigate this process with an expert by your side.

You’re Already Busy

It is no secret that buying or selling a house is quite time-consuming – from fielding calls from interested buyers, researching available listings, hosting or attending open houses, and about a thousand other little things that lead to a finalized sale. Add this onto an already busy life…where will you find the time?

A real estate professional’s job is to juggle all of these things. They prioritize time to communicate with interested buyers or sellers promptly, advertise in all the most effective ways, and ensure that potential buyers are actually qualified. These things that would be extra for you are all in a day’s work for an agent. Here at Harris + Gasper, we already know how to do these things and how to do them exceptionally well. Take a peek at our website to get started!

Real Estate Agents Have More Experience

Real estate agents know how to navigate the market better than anyone else out there. Experience makes a measurable difference in ensuring you buy or sell a house quickly, and in understanding prices and market value. These professionals are highly trained for this – having taken and passed exams to verify their ability to be successful in real estate. At Harris + Gasper, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Lake Chelan Community to help you successfully navigate the real estate market.

Successfully Navigate Negotiations

Real estate professionals bring an objective perspective to the home buying and selling process. We know that this experience can be emotional – maybe you’re selling the home you raised your children in or finally found the dream home you must have. An agent is removed from all of that. Their main goal is to buy or sell the house and if negotiations are involved, they aren’t going to hold onto emotional ties that prevent them from making a good deal. Our agents aim to help clients obtain the best price possible through successful negotiation every single time.

Use a Paperwork Professional

It is no secret that the red tape involved in real estate is hefty. Closing paperwork is complicated. There are state and federal regulations that have to be gone over and closings can quickly become overwhelming. Your buyer/seller may have a real estate agent there with them during the closing, but that agent is going to be focused on their buyer’s best interests. You’re going to need someone on your side, too. Sometimes last-minute things come up right as someone is about to sign on that dotted line. For someone that doesn’t deal with closings often these can be dealbreaker situations. Our real estate agents helping you buy or sell your house possess extensive knowledge about contracts and closings. They know what needs to be disclosed and what to do if something comes up as paperwork is being signed.

Remove the stress of tackling the buying or selling of your home with the help of a Harris + Gasper real estate professional. Saving you time, energy, and hassle in order to ensure the best sale price is our main priority. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Posted January 2, 2023