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February Market Report: The Rate Waiting Game.

Nearly two full months into 2024, inflation still threatens pent-up demand. As inflation flirted with the Fed’s 2% goal, consumer sentiment also improved. Buyers are increasingly optimistic about the prospect of a soft landing that brings w...

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Experience the winter magic of Lake Chelan!

Experience the winter magic of Lake Chelan Begin your journey by checking into one of Lake Chelan’s cozy winter accommodations. The pristine snow-covered surroundings and crisp winter air set the stage for a memorable getaway. It’s quite...

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The Ultimate Lake Chelan Winter Itinerary

Welcome to the enchanting winter wonderland of Lake Chelan! As the snow blankets the picturesque landscapes around Lake Chelan, there’s a unique charm that transforms this stunning destination into a magical retreat. Join us as we guide y...

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Lake Chelan Like a Local

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, share a meal with loved ones, and create lasting memories. And when you're lucky enough to be in Lake Chelan, you're in for a unique and memorable Thanksgiving experience. At Harris + Gasper, we believ...

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Lake Chelan Waterfront

A Guide to Lake Chelan Waterfront Views

Lake Chelan is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, crystal-clear waters, and stunning waterfront views. If you’re in search of a property with a captivating vista, Harris + Gasper in Lake Chelan is your ultimate guide to finding the per...

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Lake Chelan Valley

A Scenic Journey through the Lake Chelan Valley

Welcome to the breathtaking wonderland of Lake Chelan, nestled in the picturesque Chelan Valley of Washington. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, stunning mountain backdrop, and myriad of recreational opportunities, Lake Chelan is a tru...

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