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The Pros and Cons of an HOA


Many factors go into the decision to purchase a home. One such factor is whether or not your home has a required Homeowners’ Association, aka an HOA. An HOA can be helpful for many different reasons but require a varying monthly contribution. We’ve collected a few pros and cons for HOAs so that when it comes down to deciding on a home to purchase, you can be sure of your decision.


1. The HOA Maintains the Common Areas

Common areas include landscaping, pool areas, playgrounds, gardens, barbecue areas, community centers, and more. Having an HOA ensures that all areas will be maintained without your contribution of manual labor. You will also get to enjoy the perks of such places, as many independent homes would not have these amenities.

2. The HOA Maintains the Home’s Exterior

Some HOAs also take care of the exterior of the homes in their jurisdiction. This includes repairing or replacing siding, power washing, maintaining the roof and making repairs to the home’s fencing and landscaping.

3. The HOA Mediates Problems Between Neighbors

Because the HOA is responsible for the rules of its housing community, a neighbor can reach out to the HOA instead of confronting the other homeowner directly. This helps prevent confrontation and focuses on the rules instead of a problem between residents.


1. An HOA Requires A Monthly Fee

HOA fees vary depending on the amenities within its community and can start as low as $100 or go up to several hundred dollars a month. Payments are not set, and the HOA can decide to increase or decrease your monthly fee as needed for the community.

2. Defaulting on an HOA has Repercussions

It is essential that you make all of your HOA payments, as defaulting can lead to serious repercussions, including extra fees or even foreclosure. In addition, HOAs are dependent on the money they receive from their members, and a decrease in those funds can lead to less maintenance and ultimately a reduction in the property’s value.

3. The HOA Imposes Rules and Regulations

The HOA is responsible for selecting the rules of its community, including the appearance of the houses within. Keep in mind that when you purchase a home with an HOA, they can require that you make specific cosmetic changes. Such rules can be as strict as the color you can paint your front door.

Every HOA is different. Understanding the benefits of having such an organization versus the rules or cost of that specific HOA is important. If you are overwhelmed by searching for your perfect home in the Lake Chelan Valley, including deciding on buying a home with an HOA or not, Harris + Gasper is here to help!


Posted February 10, 2022