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A Guide to Stehekin: A Remote Paradise in the North Cascades

A Guide to Stehekin: A Remote Paradise in the North Cascades

Untouched by the masses, Stehekin is a must-visit remote paradise tucked away from many modern signs of civilization in the rugged mountain range of the North Cascades! A real-life treasure, Stehekin offers an escape from modern realities with a stunning beauty incapable of being replicated. This unspoiled frontier is an adventure playground for those with a passion for exploration and the bounties provided by nature. Continue reading our guide to Stehekin to learn more about this unblemished outdoor haven:

What to Expect in Stehekin

The natural stillness of Stehekin serves as the backdrop for the adventures of a lifetime! Located on the north end of Lake Chelan, surrounded by mountains towering over 9,000 feet tall, Stehekin’s glacier-fed waters set a tranquil mood that allows you to appreciate the diverse beauty of the Chelan Valley.

This awe-inspiring destination will take your breath away! You’ll be surrounded by towering trees that have been around for hundreds of years, the sounds of glacial ice melting and trickling into crystal clear waters, and single-lane drives that twist and turn through fascinating terrain and unique biodiversity.

Things to Do in Stehekin

Dive headfirst into outdoor adventure in Stehekin! A day hike through the Stehekin Valley gives you an up-close experience immersed in nature, complete with sensational views you’ll never forget. Discover Stehekin on horseback or bike, exploring trails that have been in service for more than 100 years. Rainbow Falls is a 312-foot-tall waterfall featuring spray that tends to create a rainbow effect on the sunniest days in Stehekin!

Cast a line in these pristine waters and see if you can catch a trout. Fly fishing excursions offer a unique experience catching fish in the bountiful Stehekin River. Rent a boat or watercraft such as a kayak and spend your time on the water in Lake Chelan. No matter what you do in Stehekin, you’re bound to have a blast with an unbeatable natural beauty always within arm’s reach!

How to Get to Stehekin

Believe it or not, there are no roads that lead to Stehekin. The only way to reach Stehekin is via boat, plane, or foot!

Riding the Lake Chelan Boat Company’s Lady of the Lake passenger ferry serves as one of the most scenic routes to reach Stehekin! This year-round ferry service offers rides to Stehekin, Holden Village and Upper Lake Chelan aboard vessels that navigate the reflective waters of Lake Chelan. Keep your eyes peeled during the trip to see some spectacular scenes that highlight the beauty of Lake Chelan.

The trip to Stehekin is half the fun of visiting! The Stehekin Ferry provides another option to reach Stehekin via boat. Arrive in Stehekin via your own boat and dock at one of 16 different public docks, including one at Stehekin Landing.

Some of the biggest adventure enthusiasts reach Stehekin via a hike or horseback ride along one of several trails. All backpacking overnight adventures require a backcountry permit.

The final option to reach Stehekin is via a seaplane ride! Charter a private flight to Stehekin and enjoy bird’s eye views of Lake Chelan and the surrounding area.

Stehekin invites outdoor lovers to experience the peace and quiet of its remote paradise in the North Cascades!


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