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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Chelan

If you’re searching for real estate in Lake Chelan, we probably don’t need to convince you how beautiful the valley is. But when you’re seriously considering buying a home, there are a number of things to consider. To help you envision your life in by the lake, we’ve laid out six reasons why people choose Lake Chelan!

Lake Chelan is situated in the middle of the state, approximately three hours from both Seattle, Spokane, and the Canadian border. You’re also less than two hours from the quaint towns of the Methow Valley. You’re never far from city life, mountain adventures, and anything in between.

Take a stroll through downtown and you’ll immediately feel the small-town charm that Lake Chelan has so much of. There’s not a skyscraper in sight and the quaint streets are lined with local storefronts and eateries. You’re likely to see a familiar face behind the shop counter or sitting at the table across from you!

The Lake Chelan Valley is an adventurer’s dream! There are miles upon miles of hiking trails that double as cross-country ski or snowshoe trails in the winter. There are epic opportunities for skydiving, paragliding, or parasailing so you can get a bird’s eye view of the valley. And of course, there are endless ways to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Lake Chelan. Take a quick dip, fish the day away, or go all out for a day of wakeboarding, water skiing, or tubing. You can’t go wrong adventuring in and around the valley.

With over 30 wineries and counting, you’ll stay busy trying to visit them all. Whether you’re a Pinot Noir lover or a Sauvignon Blanc believer, you’re guaranteed to find something you love when tasting your way through the valley! And the best part is – just when you think you’ve tasted them all, your favorite wineries will release their newest vintages. We’ll cheers to that.

Kiss the days of rush hour and bumper-to-bumper traffic goodbye. If you’ve had enough of the city life with its chaotic streets and grumpy drivers, you’ll fit right in in the Lake Chelan Valley. A road that runs parallel to the lake connects the towns of Chelan and Manson and the city streets are easy to navigate, making your daily commute easy and breezy (and yes, beautiful)!

Whether you’re walking to the post office, standing in line for a cup of coffee, or posting up at the park for a beach day, you’re bound to run into a friendly face and genuine conversation. The people of the Lake Chelan Valley have a knack for watching out for each other and always extending a friendly smile or wave.

Of course, we could go on and on… and on about our valley and all the reasons that make it a one-of-a-kind place to call home, but we think you get our point. We love calling Lake Chelan our home and we think you will too.



Posted November 15, 2019